Goals & Objectives

Goals & Objectives

Continuing excellence in education

The institute will maintain and enhance its reputation and record for providing high quality teaching and learning of international standards at Academic level & Institution level.

Creating educational opportunities for all

The institute will provide access to its educational programmes to students from a diversity of backgrounds on the basis of merit and encourage application from able students from under-represented groups in society.

Promoting life-long learning

The institute  will enhance its position as a provider of research training and continuing professional development opportunities.

Building a world class international institute

The institute will maintain and enhance its position as world-class international institute, stressing the benefits that will be available to the society.

Participating and contributing to the community

The institute will serve community by contributing to cultural and community life, promoting and conducting intellectual discourse and making the output from its institute available for transfer to the community.

Supporting professional training activity

The institute will maintain and enhance its support to a broad range of professional training and activity.

Striving to quality management

The institute will continually strive to be a well managed and governed institution, making efficient and effective use of its funding to meet the needs of the students, staff and others stakeholders.

Academic Objectives

  • High standards of academic performance
  • Excellence in the application of knowledge in the context of real life needs of India “AS A GLOBALIZED ECONOMY”
  • Innovative practices
  • Competitive spirit
  • Ethical initiatives

Salient Features

  • The day of the Institute begins in the holy and spiritual environment with a prayer and ends with a National song.
  • To bring about total discipline, uniqueness, and unity, the institute has introduced dress code for staff.
  • Global connectivity through Internet.
  • Computerized library with open access system.
  • Computerized Attendance System for Staff & Students.
  • Optimal environment to nurture personal and professional development for making responsible citizens.
  • The institute as well as all the faculty is life members of Indian Society for Technical Education.
  • The institute has latest Computer Center with 20 computer systems.
  • Examination center for INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION